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Dr Sally Longley is a spiritual director, retreat leader and author, with experience in dreamwork, theopoetics, and the role of midrash as creative responses to sacred texts, and the sacred stories of our life. Her next book, Conversations with Silence, is due to be published by Wipf and Stock, early 2021.

Kathy Cave moved to a career in the art of listening after working in investment markets for 30 years. After training in spiritual direction, supervision and art therapy, she now offers retreats, and accompanying people in their journeys as they discover their cherished uniqueness.

Dieter Weinand is an Executive Coach and business performance facilitator with over 30 years’ experience, specialising in leadership and organisational development in both South Africa and Australia. A trained Spiritual Director and retreat leader, he is currently participating in the Living School, Centre for Action and Contemplation.

The Wise art of Virtual Spiritual Companionship/Direction

Three sessions of 75 minutes held weekly


Monday 25 May 11:00 (AEST)
Monday 1 June 11:00 (AEST)
Monday 8 June 11:00 (AEST)


Tuesday 26 May 19:30 (AEST)
Tuesday 2 June 19:30 (AEST)
Tuesday 9 June 19:30 (AEST)

Please choose either morning or evening series.

This interactive course invites engagement from Companions, Directors and Supervisors with some of the challenges faced by virtual conversations.  A number of key topics such as setting up a Virtual Spiritual Direction (VSD) session, Presentation and Body Language, and Managing Interruptions will be covered, allowing enough space for sharing, questions and feedback.  Specific IT technical issues will not be covered.  These three 75-minute sessions will include an introduction of the topic, drawing wisdom and experience from the group and some practical application and feedback with each other.

Mode of offering: Zoom; with a minimum number of 6 and a maximum of 12 participants.

Practical: Each session will have active participation with the use of breakout rooms, with a host or co-host present.  

Sessions:  2 sessions of 75 minutes with an optional third one held weekly.

Dates and bookings:

Series 1 – Monday 25 May 2020 starting at 11:00 – Trybooking:https://www.trybooking.com/BJOOF

Series 2 – Tuesday 26 May 2020 starting at 19:30 – Trybooking:https://www.trybooking.com/BJOVI

Please choose either morning or evening series.

Host: Dieter Weinand, with Co-hosts: Kathy Cave and Sally Longley

Cost: $19 per session

Further information: email  dieter@weinand.com.au

The Wise Art of Art in Spiritual Companionship

Four sessions of 90 minutes held fortnightly, beginning Tuesday 23 June 10.00am (AEST)

Join our on line training to get some practical experience in “hearing” the thousand works of an art work. We will discover some of the theory of using art as a scapegoat in soul work. We will do some creative works and then listen to each other in triads or quads. We will engage with a different approach to art in each session.

Mode of offering: zoom; with a min of 6 and max of 12 participants.

Practical: Sessions will have participation and may include triads or quads in small private breakout groups online with a facilitator present in each group.

Sessions:  4 sessions of 90 minutes held fortnightly. Participants are encouraged to practice the techniques with other participants between sessions.

Facilitators:  Wise Arts for the Soul team: Kathy Cave with Sally Longley and Dieter Weinand

Cost: $AU89 (for the four sessions)

Precourse requirements: Training in Soul work such as Spiritual Direction and familiarity with triad or quads. Before some sessions you are required to do an art work – estimated time to do this is an hour. You DO NOT need to be an artist or any “good” at art or drawing.

Dates: Tuesday 23 June 10am (AEST);
Tuesday 7 July 10 am (AEST); 
Tuesday 21 July 10 am (AEST)
Tuesday 4 August 10 am (AEST)

Bookings: Trybooking: https://www.trybooking.com/BJNOK

Further information: email :  Kathy@iocontrol.com.au

The Wise Art of Dreamwork

Four sessions of 75 mins held weekly beginning Thursday 6 Aug at 9.30 (AEST)

Someone has said that dreams are unopened letters from God. This interactive series has participation opportunities and will look at the role of dreams in personal and spiritual transformation; we will have time to apply different frameworks to our dreams, and gain confidence in the relevance and value of listening to our dreams. There is an optional fourth session for those interested in facilitating a dream group. 

Mode of offering: zoom; with a maximum number of participants of 12. There will be small breakout rooms for dream processing with a facilitator present in each group.

Practical: Each session will have participation and dream work in small private breakout groups online.  

Sessions:  4 weekly sessions of 75 mins

Facilitators: Wise Arts for the Soul team:  Sally Longley, with Kathy Cave, and Dieter Weinand.

Cost:  $AU89 (for the 4 sessions)
Dates: Thursday 6 Aug 9.30 am(AEST)
Thursday 13 August 9.30 am(AEST)
Thursday 20 August 9.30 am(AEST)
Thursday 27 August 9.30 am(AEST)

Bookings: Trybooking: https://www.trybooking.com/BJOPE

Further information: Email: longleyspirituality@gmail.com

The Wise Art of Theopoetics and Midrash

Four sessions of 75 mins weekly from Monday 31 Aug, 9.30am (AEST)

Tikkun olam refers to the Jewish imperative to engage in acts which heal the world’s wounds. Both theopoetics and engaging in Midrash contribute towards such healing. Theopoetics is a way to do religious reflection that gives particular attention to poetic, narrative and artistic responses to a sacred text, as well as validating experience and bodily responses. So it sits as a comfortable sister alongside the tradition of midrash, where we enter into the scenes and lives of biblical texts, in order to portray the silences and voice that which is silenced. You do not need to be a poet, writer or artist. Just come with your imagination and the desire to foster healing. This course offers fresh ways to draw alongside others if we are in any of the caring professions.

Mode of offering: zoom; with a maximum number of participants of 12.

Practical: Each session will have participation in small private breakout groups online with a facilitator present in each group.

Sessions:  4 weekly sessions of 75 mins.

Facilitators: Wise Arts for the Soul team:  Sally Longley with Kathy Cave, and Dieter Weinand.

Cost: $AU89 (for the 4 sessions)
Dates: Monday 31 August 9.30am (AEST)
Monday 7 September 9.30am (AEST)
Monday 14 September 9.30am(AEST)
Monday 1 September 9.30am (AEST)

Bookings: Trybooking: https://www.trybooking.com/BJOPG

Further information: email: longleyspirituality@gmail.com