Walking the Labyrinth as the Beloved in John’s Gospel

Labyrinth book cover

by Sally Longley, published 2016.
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This is a hard-cover 160 page book, designed to enable praying with a labyrinth. It is relevant for both the beginner and the experienced labyrinth walker. Each of the twenty one chapters takes an excerpt from each of the chapters of John’s gospel, and after giving a personal story, guides the reader through ways to pray as the ‘beloved’ disciple in John’s Gospel. It takes the reader deep into the gospel, deep into prayer, and deep into experiences of the gifts which come through the labyrinth. The book includes a textured finger labyrinth which enables access to a labyrinth for everyone – those in hospital, living with a disability, or just to use in the quiet of your own home.

‘The author, a gifted and highly experienced spiritual director and labyrinth facilitator, gently guides us to experience the healing essence of the Gospel of John with all our senses. Walking the labyrinth physically or in our imagination aided by rich photography, moving personal vignettes, poetry and prayers opens us to a keen spiritual awareness. This integrated spirituality calms and encourages, anchors and frees, heals and fortifies as we “walk our story with John’s story.” The book is truly a full-orbed spiritual delight’.

Dr. Vernon E. Jantzi, Professor Emeritus of Sociology and past Director of the Center for Justice and Peacebuilding at Eastern Mennonite University in USA, currently involved in the Center’s program on Strategies for Trauma Awareness and Resilience.

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Sally Longley explains how to walk the labyrinth:

In this video presentation, Sally Longley explains how to walk the labyrinth as an aid to prayer and meditation.